Are you someone who moves from one unhappy relationship to another? Then that is probably because you get into the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Recently a girl I know confide to that she been into more than two dozen relationships but so far have not been able to find the man of her dreams. Being inlove is an amazing feeling but not all relationships survive. Many relationships end faster than it started. This is because many people get into relationships for all the wrong reasons, falling in love for all the wrong reasons can result is not only a broken heart but much pain and sorrow that it may even affect future relationships. I can understand a teenager wanting to fall in love out of the fascination or excitement of the concept of feeling of being in love. But it so sad to see many men and women even getting married for the wrong reasons only to end up in a serious break up or divorce.

  1. loneliness and desperation: majority of those who get into a relationship for the wrong reasons fall into this category. Many people tend to feel worthless or lacking something, when they are single or lonely. This emptiness and desperation to be treated as special make them get into relationship fast only to regret later.
  2. ) Friends: Many times men and women get into relationship because of friends. If some are been lured into relationship by friends so that they can do things together, some get into it because they do not want to miss out on the game of love when their friends are enjoying it. Many people tend to think everyone else have someone, why not me? Such relationships where friends are the motivation are mostly short lived.
  3. Pressure to settle down: Many times elders in the family exert pressure to settle down by getting married especially after a certain age. I have seen mothers getting worried because their daughters could not attract any guys towards them.
  4. Need for/to support: Many guys and girls look for support by getting into relationship especially there are many girls even in this modern age that cannot stand on their own and look for support from father, brother or husband all the time.
  5. Need of physical initamcy: For many people the motivation for relationship is sex or physical intimacy with the partners. Desperation for sex can many times result in jumping the sack with wrong people.
  6. Getting into relationship out of sympathy/Guilt: Many people get trapped into relationship out sympathy or guilty. I recently got a mail from a lady who got into relationship because the guy tried to end his life when the girl rejected him. She is unhappy and depressed and wants a way out without hurting the guy such relationship can make one feel trapped and unhappy.
  7. Convenience: Many times people get into relationship just because they find it’s convenient, while in college I had a friend who was in a relationship with a restaurant owner. So we always go there and we never had to pay a dine for all the fantastic dishes we ate .when we were done with college the relationship was over.

  I am not telling you that some people who start their relationship on the right note do not fail in their relationship or does not fall out of love, but the chances of relationship break down. There are more cases of those getting married for the wrong reason.

Have you ever liked someone or got into a relationship just for the sake of it, for any of the above reasons? Are there any other reasons you would like to add to the list above? Feel free to add them through your comment

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